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German and a Second Major!

Have you ever considered adding a second major to your academic program? A major or minor in German can complement a wide range of majors and makes students more competitive on the job market, no matter their field of study.

Here’s why:

Germany is a global leader in Business, the Sciences, Arts, Academics, and Education, making German an intellectually and financially rewarding complement to almost all fields of study.

  • Foreign language majors make the most directly out of college of all liberal arts majors, and proficiency in German leads to $128,000 more of lifetime earnings, far more than the projected lifetime earnings of those who study French (77K) or Spanish (51K).
  • The German program at the College of Charleston offers a successful summer internship program in Germany that places students in internships in their respective field of study, including the sciences, medicine, business, arts, humanities, and education.
  • The German program at the College of Charleston offers several direct study abroad programs in which students can obtain credit both toward German and toward their second major.
  • Our major and minor courses, on topics such as business German, German cinema, theatre, contemporary issues, fairy tales, migration, sports culture, and more, introduce students to a wide range of issues and themes in German culture while improving proficiency in the language.

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