German and the Sciences

Germany is a world leader in scientific research and green energy. After English, German is the most common language of scientific publication!

Knowledge of German increases your opportunities to participate in research in programs in Germany, such as the prestigious RISE fellowships for summer research in Germany. The German program at CofC offers a popular summer internship in Germany program that has been very advantageous to science majors, who have worked at scientific institutes, hospitals, and businesses. And the College of Charleston also leads a summer Neuroscience Seminar in Germany. These experiences, along with proficiency in German, have made our science majors stand out in their applications to medical and graduate school and in their search for jobs in industry. Our graduates tell us that in their medical school and job applications, their experience with German invariably comes up as an item on their resume that captured the search committee’s attention.  Just ask our alums!

Nicole Rausch ’09: German and Biology

Ryan Murphy '14: German and Biology

Stuart Gilreath ’14: Biology and German, Honors College

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