German and the Humanities and Social Sciences

A second major in German is a wonderful addition to majors in fields such as Anthropology, Classics, Communications, English, History, International Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, und und und (etc. etc. etc.)!  Linguistic and cultural proficiency in German not only give your post-graduation resume a boost, they also open up possibilities for post-graduate study and work in Europe and a wide range of career moves, including work in non-profit organizations.  

Adding German to your Humanities or Social Science degree will also enhance your salary. A 2014 study showed that foreign language majors made the most money directly out of college of all liberal arts majors, and MIT economist Albert Saiz has calculated that proficiency in German leads to $128,000 more of lifetime earnings, far more than the projected lifetime earnings of those who learn French (77K) or Spanish (51K).

Claire Hall '03: German and Political Science

Chelsea (Montgomery) Matthia ’13, German and Political Science, Honors College; MD

Lauren Bader ’13: German and Anthropology

Nicki Pullmann ’15: German, Psychology, Neuroscience

Tim Howard ’15: German and Psychology

Matthew Orvin '16: German and History

Sarah Fishburne '16: German and Linguistics

Emily Knepper '19: Communications and German

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