German and Computer Science

Proficiency and cultural knowledge in German and internship experience in Germany make a Computer Science degree all the more lucrative and exciting. This combination also ensures that graduates stand out in the job market and gives them more upward mobility after they have been hired.

Germany’s IT sector is one of the strongest in the world, which makes German a very lucrative language for Computer Science majors. But also at home, here in South Carolina, proficiency in German can open up exciting opportunities for employment and upward mobility: there are over 144 German companies in South Carolina alone, and over 650 in the Southeastern United States.

The Computer Science program at CofC has a bilateral exchange program to the University of Linz in Austria, where students can complete coursework in Computer Science and in German at the cost of studying at the College of Charleston. The German program also offers a popular summer internship in Germany program that places students at jobs in Germany in their field of study for the summer.

Uni Linz

The Informatik (Computer Science) Building at the University of Linz, Austria (photo: unilinz/herthahurnaus)

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