German and Business

German and Business are, simply put, a winning combination, both globally and locally here in South Carolina. With the fourth largest GDP in the world, Germany is one of the Port of Charleston’s largest customers, and German companies have a large presence in the Southeastern United States and South Carolina with 650+ German companies in the Southeast, and 200+ German companies in South Carolina alone! And German investment in South Carolina is rapidly growing: since 2011, German industry has invested $5.5 Billion dollars in the state and added 12,000 jobs. Currently, there are 40,000 jobs in the state that come directly from German companies. German is thus an ideal language for business majors in fields such as International Business, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Marketing, and Economics.

The coursework in our German major and minor emphasizes proficiency and intercultural competence and includes Business German and German Translation for Business courses as well as our popular summer internship in Germany program. The program has placed 98 students at internships in Germany since 2003. Our internship program in Germany provides 6 credits towards the German major/minor, and potentially three credits towards business majors, and it looks impressive on students’ resumes.

Proficiency and cultural knowledge in German and internship experience in Germany make our graduates stand out in the job market and give them more upward mobility after they have been hired.  Just ask our recent alums!

Sarah Dinning '20: Marketing and German

Garek Stanley '20: Accounting and German

Angelica Gonzalez '18: Supply Chain Management and German

Jamila Anderson ’14: German and Business Administration

Joseph Redding ’12/’13: German B.A.and MBA with a Finance Concentration

Jon Herbert ’11: German and Business Administration

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